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Products in the SOLANE range are special boiling point aliphatic solvents. SBP spirits consist of hydrocarbons with between 5 and 10 carbon atoms and a distillation range between 30 and 160 °C.

SOLANE solvents contain less than 20 ppm of aromatic compounds, providing users with solvents displaying toxicological and ecotoxicological values below those required by legislation in force.

SOLANE solvents contain less than 1 ppm of benzene, with guaranteed content below 5 ppm. 

Which SOLANE hydrocarbon fluid should you choose?

  • SOLANE ISOHEXANE: adhesives, extracting agents, aerosols, synthesis
  • SOLANE HEXANE 45 : extraction of oil from oil seeds, of essential oils for the perfume industry, rendering, adhesives, polymerization
  • SOLANE HEPTANE: glues, adhesives, tires, cleaning
  • SOLANE  60 - 95: glues, stain removal, adhesives
  • SOLANE 70 - 95 Cleaning products, rubbers, adhesives
  • SOLANE  80 - 110: Chemical synthesis, paints, coatings, glues, adhesives, rubbers
  • SOLANE  100 - 120: tires, rubbers, adhesives
  • SOLANE 100 -140: tires, rubbers, adhesives
  • SOLANE  100 - 155: tires, rubbers, adhesives
  • SOLANE CYCLOPENTANE: Aerosols, adhesives, synthetic resins, foams
  • SOLANE CYCLOHEXANE: Chemistry, pharmaceutics, nylons adipic acids, caprolactame
  • SOLANE METHYLCYCLOHEXANE: paints, coatings, adhesives, chemistry, pharmaceutics, rubbers