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12/10/2017 Event

NPIRI 2017 Fall Technical Conference


NPIRI 2017 Fall Technical Conference


Date : 2017/10/10-12

Location : Chicago, USA

From 10th to 12th October 2017, TotalEnergies Fluids is participating to the NPIRI 2017 FALL TECHNICAL CONFERENCE at Hilton Chicago OAK Brook Hills Resort & Conference center, in Chicago.

TotalEnergies Fluids will attend this conference with a presentation during the Technical session of Wednesday, October 11 at 9.45.

Franck Bardin, global Market Manager at Special Fluids division, will give an “Overview of Development of Low Environmental Impact Ink Component”: the Biosourced range of isoalkanes: Scriptane BioLife

NPIRI 2017 FALL TECHNICAL CONFERENCE is a conference about the latest develops and key issues affecting the Ink Industry. Attendees will be able to have an access to technical and regulatory sessions about new technology, EHS update and Market Trend…

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