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EOLANE range is used as adjuvant for veterinary vaccines.

Required in attenuated or inactivated virus vaccines, these adjuvants enhance the immune response and therefore the efficacy of the vaccine's active substance (antigen). Indeed, when the antigen, dissolved in water, is dispersed in the mineral oil, its effectiveness is greatly increased. This dispersion, called emulsion, must be stable and fluid.

TotalEnergies​ has developed a range of white oil adjuvants extremely pure to meet the current challenges of veterinary vaccine formulators:

  • Highly purified products
  • Fluid and stable emulsions
  • Rapid absorption
  • Excellent toxicological profile

EOLANE, purity and technical advantages

EOLANE adjuvants are compliant with the purity requirements of EU, US and Japanese pharmacopoeias.

The Special Fluids division offers outstanding quality to meet the requirements of vaccine producers.

These adjuvants can be used in vaccines for poultry, chicken, pig, horses, etc.


The EOLANE range includes three products:

EOLANE 130: the most fluid in the range, is used when the speed of the injection of vaccine is an important criterion. Its excellent cold properties also make it a good choice for "cold" zones. The effectiveness of this adjuvant is remarkable.

EOLANE 150: excellent compromise between safety, efficiency and viscosity. Indeed, its intermediate viscosity makes it possible to produce fluid formulations. Specially designed for high efficiency and safety, this product can be used in all type of formulations.

EOLANE 170: of higher viscosity, makes it possible to obtain extremely stable emulsions. Efficient, it has an excellent harmlessness. It can be used in all adjuvant vaccine formulations with an oil.

purity table


All products in the EOLANE range are compliant with the purity requirements of the European, Japanese and American pharmacopoeias.



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