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Health and Safety are the cornerstones of our processes


Safety is a core value forming the basis of our strategy 

At TotalEnergies​, ensuring the safety of our employees, stakeholders and facilities and protecting the health of everyone directly or indirectly involved in our operations is more than a priority. 

  • Safety is core value on which we build our strategy. 
  • Safety is an integral part of our processes and guides us in our daily work.
  • We strive to ensure it is shared by everyone, from our managers and teams to our partner companies and local stakeholders. 
  • We apply a rigorous, structured approach in our operations: risk identification and prevention as well as regular monitoring shape the daily work of our employees and partner companies.

Our commitments to safety are a key focus throughout the lifecycle of our products, from manufacturing and transport through to their end use.




Our employees are our most valuable resource. Protecting their health and that of the contractors working at our sites is our top priority. 

  • In order to minimize workplace accidents and occupational illnesses, we raise awareness about health issues and deploy prevention measures on a daily basis.
  • We keep health in mind right from designing our products.