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PLAXOLENE AND PLAXENE RUBBER PROCESS OILS : plasticizers and solvents for rubber synthesis

Plasticizers and solvents for tire and rubber industry

The tire industry accounts for approximately 70% of global rubberconsumption, both from natural and synthetic origin. We find rubber products in many everyday objects: seals, pipes, tubes, gloves, belts and the soles of shoes.

TotalEnergies​ produces and sells versatile range of plasticizers and special boiling point spirits, dedicated to the rubber and tire industry.

Rubber process oils: PLAXOLENE and PLAXENE range

Our PLAXOLENE range is composed of aromatic plasticizers, offering good compatibility with aromatic rubbers, like SBR, BR, CR and Natural Rubber.

Our PLAXENE range is composed of paraffinic plasticizers, highly compatible with EPDM and Butyl Rubber (IIR) that are widely used in many industries


Technical advantages of the PLAXOLENE and PLAXENE plasticizers:

  • Versatile range to adjust solvency and compatibility to your rubber mix
  • Reduce the viscosity of rubber compounds
  • Facilitate rubber processing steps
  • Enhance mechanical properties
  • Optimize formulation costs
  • Improve low-temperature performance (thanks to low Tg products)
  • Improve braking efficiency and fuel consumption
  • Dedicated range already used by the top ten tire manufacturers


Which hydrocarbon fluids should you choose?

PLAXOLENE 50 is an RAE (Residual Aromatic Extract) and presents the best compatibility with CR, SBR and BR rubbers, the most widely used rubber families in the tyre industry along with Natural Rubber.

PLAXENE is composed of paraffinic plasticizers specially dedicated to EPDM rubber users (industrial/automotive belts, pipes, tubes, hoses).

Rubber process oils<br />


Health & Safety concerns:

Our products PLAXOLENE & PLAXENE comply with the requirements of the restriction n°50 of the Annex XVII of REACH  related to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons content in tyres, rubber and plastics components.

  • low PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
  • Non-labeled products

Other products for rubber industry : Special Boiling Point SOLANE

  • SOLANE solvents are high purity products, with very low aromatic content. (n-Hexane, Iso-Hexane, CycloHexane MethylCycloHexane, CycloPentane)
  • SOLANE Special Boiling Point solvents are dedicated to rubber polymerization processes. They are mainly used in the production of rubber cements and rubber adhesives, or to soften rubber layers in the assembly process.





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