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Aliphatic diluents for metal extraction

To ensure optimal performance in terms of operator safety, process efficiency and reliability, TotalEnergies has designed the ELIXORE range, perfectly defined aliphatic diluents dedicated to liquid-to-liquid extraction processes.

ELIXORE diluents performance:

mining extraction truck

Key features:

  • High flashpoint
  • Narrow distillation range
  • Low viscosity
  • Low pour points
  • Ultra-low aromatic contents

Extraction efficiency:

 An independent R&D program consisted in comparing the copper over iron selectivity using Elixore aliphatic diluents and conventional aromatic diluent in the same solvent formulation (extractant + diluent). The aromatic-free Elixore hydrocarbon fluids showed great performances compared to aromatic diluent.

tableau sur l'efficacité de l'extraction