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Crop protection paraffin oils

Our paraffinic oils are used as insecticides and acaricides to protect crops. They also have a fungicidal effect and may be used to fight diseases such as Sigatoka or powdery mildew.

Paraffin oil has a physical mode of action: the oil film covers and smothers the insect eggs and larvae. It also forms a barrier that can prevent the transmission of certain diseases or the arrival of spores. This explains our products' broad spectrum of action without any known development of resistance.

Paraffin oils may also be used as adjuvants with active insecticidal, fungicidal and herbicidal substances. They can have various synergies with these substances such as, for example, limiting the development of resistance to them.

TotalEnergies has three active substances registered in Europe under the name"Paraffin Oil".

With this Fluid Genera range, we can offer crop protection oils that are extremely pure and biodegradable, thus delivering significant advantages in terms of environmental impact and health. Their excellent selectivity allows products to be used both during winter and during growth.

TotalEnergies holds authorizations to market numerous products:

  • Insecticide formulations: Citrole, Catane, Ovispray, Arbofine, Finavestan 
  • Insecticidal, fungicidal and herbicidal adjuvants: Banole, Genera, Velezia, Herbidown

TotalEnergies is on hand to assist professionals wishing to assess the potential benefits of our products in their treatment strategies. 

The paraffin oils of Special Fluids obtained the TotalEnergies Ecosolutions label due to the significant advantage they offer in terms of sanitary and environmental impact. Indeed, they are characterized by:

  • No classification for the environment and human health
  • Their classification "readily biodegradable" (GHS / CLP)
  • No resistance phenomenon on the target species

Find out more about the program and the label on: 

*The certification process has been verified by an independent external auditor.