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Paraffinic oils for crop protection

High purity paraffin oil has been used for many years in the formulation of cosmetic products, in medicine or in the agri-food industry.

TotalEnergies​ has been supplying paraffin oils for crop protection for 30 years,a field in which we have gained experience worldwide.
Numerous policies are introduced the world over to develop "alternative" treatment solutions, like the Ecophyto plan in France. Paraffin oils are used in many countries as part of integrated pest management program.

GENERA and BANOLE paraffin oils advantages: 

  • A solution to control many pests and diseases.
  • A possible response to minor or orphan crop issues.
  • Excellent selectivity: products suitable for use on a broad range of crops.
  • No residue, so treatment close to harvest time is possible.
  • Short re-entry interval after treatment.
  • Products authorized in organic farming and considered to be a biocontrol solution.