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23/11/2016 News



Bayport production site: the purest hydrocarbon solvents

After two years of construction, the Special Fluids division announced officially the launch of its second hydro de-aromatization (HDA) plant located in Bayport, near Houston (USA). Bayport plant, thanks to high-tech processes, will allow producing tailor-made high purity fluids. We are now able to manufacture, market and distribute a wide range of high-performance hydrocarbon solvents in Americas.

We already market hydrocarbon fluids in fifteen countries in America. With a culture, a way of operation in which we consider access and contact with the end customer as the cornerstone of our success.

We want to meet your expectations and be closer to you:

  • Improving delivery times
  • Increasing our competitiveness and reactivity

Environmental-friendly fluids

We produce extremely pure hydrocarbon fluids with ultra low aromatic content. They are colorless, odorless and classified biodegradable.

Health and environmental impacts are significantly reduced.  Our hydrocarbon fluids are safe and harmless for operators who have direct contact with our Special Fluids.

Hydrocarbon fluids applications

Bayport produce a range of 40 different high purity hydrocarbon fluids for use across a wide spectrum of industry including mining, drilling and fracking, crop protection, water treatment, printing inks, paints and coatings and cosmetics.

With an annual production capacity of 250 000 tons, the Bayport facility will also produce synthetic biodegradable fluids for on- and off-shore drilling in keeping with TotalEnergies’ commitment to the use of clean drilling fluids for exploration and production operations.