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12/02/2020 News

BOOK’N LOAD, the new service for professional transport.


BOOK’N LOAD, the new service for professional transport.

The Special Fluids division of Total has just launched BOOK’N LOAD, its new online platform for scheduling loading appointments at the Oudalle plant and related depots (SEPP and ALKION TERMINAL LE HAVRE - SOGESTROL).

This new tool optimizes costs, facilitates daily operations and reduces the number of complaints, while putting an end to the "first come, first served" organization principle. By improving flow management, everyone gains from it.

Advantages for carriers

Cost savings, thanks to shorter driver waiting times on site. Improved organization and planning.

Advantages for customers

Better delivery tracking thanks to greater transparency: delivery time can be estimated based on the loading time.

Here's how it works: it is a simple and intuitive platform available in French, English, German and Spanish. The Oudalle plant creates an account for the carrier. The carrier then manages its loading appointments directly on the platform using its loading authorization number and the identification of the product's country of destination. Slots can be booked up to 15 days in advance.


This web platform was custom designed* by FWA, the company that created the application to manage, inter alia, the waiting line at Notre-Dame de Paris.

*designed based on a very complex algorithm to be tailored to the specific features of our plant in Oudalle and the many products available from Total Fluides.