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With its unique technology, TotalEnergies Fluids has developed a wide range of high purity renewable fluids: the BioLife range. Our biosourced products are obtained from 100% certified feedstocks and provide sustainable solutions for innovative technologies.


Immersion cooling involves directly immersing electronic components in a dielectric fluid, thereby increasing heat transfer efficiency.

DC COOLING BioLife is a biosourced dielectric range combining high purity and high cooling performance.

Developed in our leading-edge R&D centers, its thermal and oxidation stability will ensure a longer span life of your IT components.



Sustainability / HSE

  • Biosourced dielectric fluid
  • ISCC PLUS certified for a full traceability
  • From Used Cooking Oil origin
  • Favorable carbon footprint*
  • Not toxic, not irritant
  • Readily biodegradable**

*Life cycle assessment: ISO 14067, peer reviewed, craddle to gate.
** OECD 301


  • Very low viscosity
  • Safe flashpoint
  • Long life stability
  • High metal compatibility
Viscosity  from 2 to 5 cst@40°C
Flashpoint min. 130 °C
Breakdown voltage >35KV
Electrical conductivity 0 pS/m
Specific heat 2.32 kJ (Kg.k) @60°C

Pictures : Courtesy of GRC and Submer