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21/01/2021 News

JELLYSEAL, our new range of products for cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets offering unique sensory properties


To meet needs for bespoke solutions expressed by many customers, we have intensified the co-development of products. Our latest example is JELLYSEAL, a new product range launched in cooperation with our partner-customer, the French SME Aiglon, leader in the supply of vaseline for the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals markets. 

JELLYSEAL is a new range of vaseline, associating Total special fluids’ extra pure oils with wax and paraffin according to Aiglon know-how. The blend led to the development of a new range for cosmetics offering unique sensory properties. The applications are numerous: from lipstick and lip balm to hair styling wax and hand cream. Jellyseal is also perfectly adapted to the formulation of pharmaceutical creams and ointments.