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06/01/2021 News

New marketing tools for BERYLANE & BERYLANE BIOLIFE

Our high-performance, low-viscosity base oils for metalworking fluids and lubricants

Discover our new marketing leaflet presenting BERYLANE AND BERYLANE BIOLIFE ranges, our  winning combination for metalworking fluids and lubricants: superior properties with superior protection. 


Designed from an innovative selection of feedstocks, our high-purity range of low-viscosity base oils for metalworking fluids are among the purest on the market. Available in a range of grades fine-tuned for metalworking processes, the BERYLANE range ticks all the boxes in terms of stability and performance. Odorless and colorless, the range is also fully compatible with all types of base oils and can also be used to adjust the viscosity of your formulations.


BERYLANE BIOLIFE is a new generation of eco-friendly base oils custom-formulated for manufacturers seeking to reduce their impact on the environment while maintaining a very high level of performance. Produced from 100% biobased feedstock, the BERYLANE BIOLIFE range offers very specific properties made possible by its highly isoparaffinic composition. BERYLANE BIOLIFE can be used pure or mixed with BERYLANE or other base oils for improved sustainability.

Our BERYLANE BIOLIFE range has been awarded the Total Ecosolutions label and has also earned ISCC Plus certification.