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25/09/2019 News

"Clean Shore" Operation on the Normandy Coast: The teams from TotalEnergies Fluids spur into action

At TotalEnergies Fluids, a seminar is also an opportunity to do a good deed in the context of our work. On Wednesday September 25th, 2019 some forty volunteers from TotalEnergies Fluids' sites in Oudalle and La Défense met on Pennedepie beach in France's Calvados region for a social impact team-building event, the "Clean Shore Operation".

Kitted out with gloves and bags and full of enthusiasm, the teams set about collecting waste on the beach, under the supervision of the non-profit organization CPIE (Centre Permanent d’Initiatives pour l’Environnement Vallée de l’Orne). The operation aimed to foster the conservation of the natural coastal heritage in Calvados by promoting ecosystem-based management of the shore and raising awareness of eco-citizen behaviors.

After two hours of collection, in addition to the volume of waste cleared (plastic wrapping, glass, scrap metal, cigarette butts, etc.), a sense of pride in having helped to clean up the environment prevailed!

"It was good to feel like we had truly achieved something".

"In view of the amount of waste we collected, this citizen action was very worthwhile."

"Volunteering for the benefit of the environment is vital. This sort of initiative should be organized more often."

The operation demonstrated heightened awareness and real willingness on the part of TotalEnergies Fluids' staff to take part in important social and environmental actions.


Social impact team building at TotalEnergies


In the framework of the Group's Action! program, a social impact team-building event is a seminar during which employees undertake a collective action in favor of a non-profit partner, in connection with one of the TotalEnergies Foundation's four priority areas:


Road Safety

Forests and Climate,

Youth inclusion and education,

Cultural dialogue and heritage.


Social impact team building gives staff the chance to discover the world of non-profit organizations through a useful, social impact experience far from their daily routine.