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A new generation of high-performance isoalkanes

Embracing the need for more sustainable, biodegradable fluids, industry calls for a new generation of high-performance solutions.

With its unique technology, TotalEnergies​Fluides has developed a wide range of renewable isoalkanes: BIOLIFE. These products are obtained from 100% certified vegetable origin feedstocks. Thanks to their outstanding performances, BioLife products provide sustainable solutions for many industries, ranging from inks and lubricants to cosmetic emollients and home care products.

Innovative products…

  • Colorless and odorless
  • Low pour point down to -80°C
  • High flash point up to 150°C
  • Ultra low aromatic content
  • Classified readily biodegradable

For sustainable performances:

Printing inks: SCRIPTANE BIOLIFE range
Mineral oil free

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BERYLANE BIOLIFE range for metal working fluids and lubricants
Combining high flash point with targeted viscosity

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Home care, paints & coatings: ISANE BIOLIFE range
Excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability

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Silicone Sealants: HYDROSEAL BIOLIFE 

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Renewable isoalkanes from the TotalEnergies​Fluides division offer a sustainable, safe and odorless alternative to traditional mineral oils. 

The BIOLIFE range gives customers an opportunity to significantly reduce their environmental impact with no compromise on performance or availability.

Industrial scale production and marketing are already available at the Special Fluids division of TotalEnergies​.


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