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BLASTANE : High purity hydrocarbon fluids for ammonium nitrate explosives (ANFO)

TotalEnergies has developed a range of hydrocarbon fluids for Ammonium Nitrate Explosives (ANFO and emulsions), called BLASTANE.

Compared to other hydrocarbon fluids (oils, fuel oils, kerosene), the BLASTANE range offers several benefits:

Human health and environment

  • Odourless
  • Aromatics free (<0.03%) and benzene free (<1 mg/kg).
  • Not classified as CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic) substance according to the GHS/CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008, unlike standard fuel-oil and diesel ordinarily used in AN explosives are labelled as CMR cat. 2.
  • Rated as “readily biodegradable” according OECD 301B or OECD 306 standards.
  • Environmentally friendly hydrocarbons cuts resulting in low toxic fumes (no sulfur oxide SOx, less nitrogen oxide NOx). Users can quickly resume work which increases productivity.

Technical key features

  • Easy to emulsify
  • Excellent emulsion stability due to the absence of aromatic compounds (which can cause crystallization and emulsion breaking), giving a longer lifespan compared to standard diesel/oil emulsions
  • No odor for ANFO formulations
  • Cost optimization by reducing the emulsifier content and /or the emulsifier quality
  • A wide range of viscosities to meet all kinds of technical requirements

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