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HYDROCARBON FLUIDS EFC CRYSTAL : additives for hydraulic fracturing

EFC Crystal range: Additives for hydraulic fracturing

TOTAL has developed a special range of hydrocarbon additives for hydraulic fracturing called EFC Crystal (Environmental Fracking Compound).

EFC Crystal Hydrocarbon solvents performance:

The range consists of ultra-pure hydrocarbon fluids designed to comply with regulations and meet the most exacting performance and safety requirements.

  • Performance: a broad viscosity range provides optimal solutions for controlling fracturing fluid rheology and a low pour point makes exploration in extreme temperatures possible.
  • Safety: a high flash point improves safety in product handling and transportation.
  • Regulations: EFC Crystal products offer the lowest BTEX content (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl benzene, Xylene) on the market.


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