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FINASOL OSR by TotalEnergies - Marine Dispersants

Used throughout the world's oceans for 20 years, the FINASOL OSR® range of marine dispersants is the result of unparalleled expertise in the development of optimized solutions for the dispersion of crude oil in water

TotalEnergies offers the FINASOL OSR range of third generation dispersant concentrates. These products are considered among the best on the market, with very good eco-toxicological performance, and have been used on all the world's oceans for over 20 years.

They can be used pure or diluted at 10% in seawater (References of the profession: type II and III MMO).


Offers a real performance, it is the only product on the market that complies with the 3 main international regulations: EPA (USA), MMO (UK), CEDRE (France).

It is the reference product on the market.

It is also registered in many countries, on the five continents.

Finasol OSR52 is a high performance product that ensures a fast and efficient response.


Finasol OSR 51 complies with international regulations MMO (UK) and CEDRE (France).

The very specific active ingredients of FINASOL® OSR offer a high dispersion potential, as indicated by successful tests on a variety of crude oils.

In case of an oil spill at sea, the appropriate response is always decided by the local authorities. It is up to them to select the best method to limit the impact while taking into account the NEBA (Net Environmental Benefit Analysis), including geographic area, time, environmental conditions.

Possible responses include mechanical recovery, in-situ burning, and the use of marine dispersants. The latter help protect the habitats of vulnerable bird species and wildlife located on the coast by preventing oil from reaching the shoreline. The mode of action is the decomposition of oil into microscopic droplets, allowing for a more rapid biodegradation process in the marine environment.

Environmental impact assessment is part of the registration process of national authorities and includes biodegradability and ecotoxicity tests on marine ecosystems. These criteria, together with TotalEnergies Fluids' sustainable development policy, were key factors in the selection of solvents and surfactants for the development of the OSR range.



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