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GREENFLUX : Fluxes for bitumen

Bitumen is used in several applications that require specific properties such as water resistance, elasticity, cohesiveness, workability, durability, etc. TotalEnergies specializes in bitumen fluxes for the construction and maintenance of roads

Petroleum distillates are commonly used as flux agents to reduce the viscosity of bitumen in road applications. To meet these needs, the Special Fluids Division has developed a specific range of mineral fluxes called GREENFLUX.

TotalEnergies​ bitumen flux range, GREENFLUX, comprises three products:

  • GREENFLUX 2000: For bitumen and bitumen emulsion.
  • GREENFLUX SD: For bitumen and bitumen emulsion (containing elastomers). Elastomers give the surface dressing elasticity. The flux ensures that the elastomers optimally mix into the bitumen matrix.
  • GREENFLUX 3000: For cold mix. Improves bitumen workability at ambient temperature. It has a high flash point and does not emit VOCs, according to the 1999 Directive.

Health & Safety concerns:

GREENFLUX® 2000, 3000 and SD do not present any carcinogenic risk within the framework of current GHS-CLP regulation, neither H350 nor H351 (respectively ex-R45 and ex-R40).

The GREENFLUX range can be used safely by operators: the exposure scenario (in the extended MSDS) of GREENFLUX SD is approved by Industry associations such as SFERB (Section des Fabricants d'Emulsions Routières de Bitume) and URSIF (Union des Syndicats de l'industrie Routière  Française), member of IBEF (International Bitumen Emulsion Federation). 


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