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TotalEnergies offers technical products and solutions for the two main sectors of the industry: decorative and industrial coatings. The products are also used in the resins contained in these coatings and for wood treatment.

Decorative coatings

We have developed three ranges of solvents with extremely low aromatic content and high flash points for decorative coatings.

  • White spirits : range SPIRDANE® range, for fast evaporation (SPIRDANE® D40, SPIRDANE® D60) RANGE SHEET
  • Kerosene solvents : range KETRUL® range, for slower evaporation (KETRUL® D70, KETRUL® D80) RANGE SHEET
  • Isoparaffinic solvents : range ISANE® range, suitable for odorless coatings (ISANE® IP 120)

Health & safety concerns:

We provide customers with support for formulation changes required under the European Decopaint Directive 2004/42/EC to reduce the VOC (volatile organic compound) content of decorative coatings.We sell VOC-free products, which help formulators meet these requirements in combination with other technical solutions (increasing non-volatile content for example).

Industrial coatings

Industrial coatings are used in car bodywork but also include marine paints, corrosion-prevention paints and varnishes for metal marine structures, paints for metal furniture, aluminum packaging, etc. The fluids used for these applications are above all aromatic solvents such as toluene (road paints in particular), xylene, naphthas or SOLVAREX®.

Alternatives to toluene or xylene

TotalEnergies manufactures and sells naphthenic (or cycloparaffinic) fluids designed to replace toluene or xylene:

Toluene is one of the category 3 products classed as "toxic for reproduction". Toluene-based preparations must be labeled when the concentration reaches or exceeds 5%;

Toluene is prohibited in concentrations equal to or more than 0.1% by mass in adhesives and spray paints intended for sale to the general public (Directive 2005/59/EC).

In both synthesis and paint formulation, xylene can be replaced with an aromatic cut such as a product from the SOLVAREX® range.


 Range of hydrocarbon solvents for paint and varnish

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