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Product hazard classification: H304

The H304 classification is a hazard statement (H), which reads: “May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways”.

This hazard, induced following an accidental ingestion, results from the viscosity parameter (< 20.5 cSt at 40 °C). This risk may arise in case of ingestion but also in case of vomiting after ingestion.

NB: This hazard should not be confused with the following hazards H330 - Fatal if inhaled, H331 - Toxic by inhalation. H332 - Harmful by inhalation

Because of their viscosity, most TotalEnergies Fluids products are classified H304. The MSDS for all classified products is supplemented by an extended MSDS, including, in appendix, the exposure scenarios for each identified use specified in the extended MSDS Section 1.2.