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SPIRDANE® solvents are white spirits consisting of complex hydrocarbon substances obtained by hydro-treating a petroleum cut.
Applications: combining good solvent power and average evaporation rate, SPIRDANE® white spirits are primarily used in the paint, degreasing, metal and lubricants industries.
SPIRDANE® solvents can be classified into three groups:

1) Very low aromatic white spirits

TotalEnergies offers white spirits with toxicological and ecotoxicological levels below values specified by legislation in force.
These products have very low aromatic content: standard values are 10 ppm for most products.
The SPIRDANE® range offers a great variety of flash points from 26°C for SPIRDANE® L1 to 59°C for SPIRDANE® D 60L

2) Fast evaporation white spirits: SPIRDANE® D60L and SPIRDANE ®L1

A producer seeking a narrow distillation cut will opt for SPIRDANE® D60L or SPIRDANE® L1, a solvent specially designed for the degreasing industry or applications requiring a fast evaporation rate.
This product has a very narrow distillation range and its flash point (< 60°C) has been optimized to achieve the best evaporation rate.

3) White spirits with aromatics: SPIRDANE® HT

SPIRDANE® HT combines an adequate evaporation profile with very good solvent power and is therefore often used in applications such as:
  • Resins
  • Paints
  • Cleaning products
  • Degreasers in dispensers or tubs
  • Metal-working formulations, etc

White Spirits Spirdane and Regulatory requirements

The EU Directive 2004/42/EC phase II entered into force the 1 January 2010.
It deals with volatile organic compound (VOC) content per type of paint.
Solvents in the White Spirit range can be used in the formulation of decorative paints and varnishes
SPIRDANE® white spirits contain low levels of aromatic compounds and thus comply with applicable regulations in most countries