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AQUALANE, hydrocarbon fluids for the production of polyacrylamides

AQUALANE® hydrocarbon fluids are suited to the production of polyacrylamides by reverse emulsion polymerization, as well as the lubrication of blades for the production of powder polyacrylamides.

These solvents and meet the most stringent safety and environmental standards applicable in water treatment, the paper industry, and mineral or oil exploration.

AQUALANE® products can be used safely as material element for contact with foodstuffs:

- They satisfy the requirements of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) code

FDA 21 CFR ChI §178.3620 (b)

- They comply with the guidelines published by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, (BfR). AQUALANE® 100 meets the requirements of BfR XXXVI « paper and board for food contact ».

Advantages of Aqualane range

AQUALANE® range for the production of polyacrylamides gives formulators a choice between products with different distillation ranges, viscosity and flash points.

All fluids are pure and chemically inert so the most suitable product for the manufacturing process can be chosen. They also have very low aromatic content, particularly PAH (Polycyclic aromatic Hydrocarbons).

The heaviest grades are used as lubricants in the production of powder polyacrylamides (lubrication of blades).

aqualane table